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Share it It has gained a large number of users in recent months because it constantly updates and improves its instant messaging service with new functions or designs, for example: a few weeks ago it also came with an iPhone-style version of the Android app. There is a fingerprint chat lock and the ability to share your screen during video calls, however, there is one function that has been overlooked, we are talking about adding a contact from the app itself. Do you want to know how to do it? We will explain it below.

Adding contacts via WhatsApp is a function that will undoubtedly save you a lot of time You no longer need to search your mobile device’s own phone book to save someone’s numberThis is especially useful when someone else is having trouble scanning your account’s QR code.

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For now it is necessary to clarify that the will It is only available on the standard version of WhatsApp for iOS and AndroidMeta is yet to implement this feature on WhatsApp Web, Windows and MacOS, however it is estimated that you will get it very soon through multi-device mode.

How to add contacts from WhatsApp

  • First, check it out Share it No pending updates.
  • Now, open the app and click on the contact icon at the bottom right.
  • Here click on the section that says “New Contact”.
  • “Name”, “Last Name”, “Country” and “Telephone” will show some empty fields where you have to put it, if it is wrong number then “This person is not on WhatsApp” notification will appear.
  • Below, select a storage location for the number: Google Account (Gmail) or Phone.
  • Finally, tap the green “Save” button.
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What is “1443” on WhatsApp?

  • Like all codes that spread from TikTok to WhatsApp, they have a completely hidden meaning.
  • But to know that, you have to take the answer calmly.
  • If someone notified you via WhatsApp and received the number “1443”, we explain it to you.
  • Number “1443” means “I don’t love you”
  • So each number represents a word. 1 is “me”, 4 is “don’t”, other 4 is “love” and 3 is “you”.
  • In Spanish it means “I don’t love you” or “I don’t like you”.
  • So if you announce yourself to your crush it will be a negative response.
  • Remember that the best way to tell someone you love them is not through an app, but in person, and has always been done.

Did you find this WhatsApp trick interesting? This messaging app is constantly changing and updating, so new shortcuts, codes, and tools are always coming out, making your experience of sending or receiving texts, stickers, or multimedia content even more fun. Stay tuned for news You just need to enter the following link With more WhatsApp notes on Mac, that’s it. Don’t miss out!

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