Stephen Curry’s response to Morant’s ‘You Can’t Defend Me’ against the Warriors. Playoff Chryslice


The Golden State Warriors beat Memphis Grizzlies in the first game of the 2022 NBA Playoffs Semifinals and Stephen Curry responds ‘You Can’t Mark Me’ By Ja Morant.

Stephen Curry vs. Warriors.  Chryslice
© Justin Ford / Getty ImagesStephen Curry vs. Warriors. Chryslice

You can’t get a better reception for the semifinals NBA Playoffs 2022 That’s the shows they gave Giannis Antidocounbo, Ja Morant and Stephen Curry. Golden State Warriors Memphis had a long-term victory over Grizzlies ‘Cook’ He did not hesitate to respond to the match star.

Everything points to the fact that no one can stop Ja Morant in Game 1 against the 2022 playoffs semifinals. Warriors. The base fires from the triple line and the first half of the game Vs. Golden State He doubled over the buzzer with a controversial celebration.

“He can’t defend me. He can’t defend me.” Began to shout Morant pointing to Jonathan Cummins Golden State Warriors vs Double against Buzzer at the end of the second quarter. Memphis Chrislice. They woke up the sleeping lion Stephen Curry.

In The Warriors beat the Grizzlies 117-116, Curry sent in 24 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 of 12 triples. In addition, Stephen had a clutch guard to set up the epic response against Ja Morant “Can’t tag me” Of NBA Most Advanced Player 2022.

Curry’s response to Ja Morant’s ‘You Can’t Defend Me’ at 2022 NBA Playoffs

26.1 seconds from the end Vs Golden State Warriors. Memphis ChrisliceJa Morant tried to penetrate the painting, but Stephen Curry’s mark with a clutch card ended up being the dubs’ winning sentence. “I stopped that shit, boy. I’m covered up that ugliness. ” He said ‘Cook ‘ In the main play that the answer “Can’t tag me” Of the rival star.

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