Step by step, how to make your own E85 ethanol fuel

E85 is a mixture of ethanol and gasoline containing 51% to 83% ethanol, According to the place and time of the year. It is a renewable fuel that is locally produced from plant materials such as corn, sugarcane and grasses.

Ethanol fuel use in the United States has increased dramatically from 1.7 billion gallons in 2001 to nearly 12.6 billion gallons in 2020.

In addition, there is a possibility that you can produce Your fuel is e85 ethanol. So if you have the time, materials and patience, you can save even more by producing your own fuel.

So, here we tell you how to make your own ethanol fuel from e85.

1.- conversion process

You have to break down the sugars in carbohydrates, such as cornstarch. Raw materials (corn, soy, wheat, etc.) must be milled or ground. Then it is diluted and an enzyme (alpha-amylase) is added to turn the mixture into a liquid.

Once liquefied, a second enzyme (glucomylase) is added to convert the starch into sugar. If the source is mainly sugar, such as rotten fruit, molasses, etc., you can skip the conversion step.

2.- Fermentation

Add yeast and turn it into a solution of beer or wine.

3.- Distillation

The beer-like solution must pass through a stationary device to extract the alcohol from the solution.

4.- Filtration

It is necessary to filter the ethanol to remove excess volatile organic matter.

5.- dehydration

Ethanol needs drying. After the distillation process, there will be a certain amount of water in the ethanol you just made; This can be dried by passing ethanol through zeolite.

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Zeolite is a readily available product for drying ethanol.

6.- Ethanol in e85

Now you can simply convert pure ethanol to e85 by adding 15% unleaded gasoline to your ethanol.


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