Star Wars Day. Napoli’s comedy on Chuckie Lozano

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The Naples Joined in the celebration Star Wars Day In memory of the world-famous movie saga. This time Comes around Lozano Shown on a poster with the iconic phrase “This is the way” (This is the way), but the Italian team gave up its personal connection with the Mexican player.

This phrase is very important in the universe de Star Wars, y The Montalorian Is no exception. This is a phrase that will be repeated throughout Season 1 and Season 2, and our hero will meet other Montrealians besides the ones he has always known, and will begin to learn, wondering if there are others. Has become accustomed to.

But the team playing Chuckie changed the letter “This is the way” To “This வெய் (This is Wee) refers to the most Mexican expression, Wei !, the expression of surprise and the most common among Mexicans.

Why is Star Wars Day celebrated?

Star Wars Day Celebration May 4 This is illustrated by the play on words formed when this date is pronounced in English. In that language, May 4 Pronounced “Fourth May“, Whose sound is very similar to that of a celebrity”Let the force be with you“, I.e., “Let the force be with you”.

This seemed beyond the pun 1979, When conservative politician Margaret Thatcher won the UK election. That day, May 4, the London Evening News headlined its release with the same phrase “Let the force be with you”, But changes the “force” to “fourth”.

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But that was until 2008 Visit of social networks The fans started the celebration, one after the other May 4 Networks are filled with photos, phrases referring to the picture of George Lucas.

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