SpaceX releases first images of its largest and most powerful rocket, the Starship Super Heavy


3 ago 2021 15:47 GMT

Elon Muskin has completed the installation of 29 rocket engines for the rocket, which will soon build its first orbital test aircraft.

SpaceX this Monday released the first images of its reusable Starship spacecraft and the progress of its super heavy propulsion system crowd, which will soon star The first orbital plane Test

The company and its founder Elon Musk shared a series of photos showing the completion of the assembly of 29 engines. Raptor It will launch your largest and most powerful rocket to date. “Installing Starship Boost Engines for the First Orbital Flight”, Tweeted Musk.

These images distinguish four grille paddles that help with aerodynamic control.

Additional shots taken by feature photographers show other improvements to the Starship SN20 prototype, which can be seen placed here Heating plates Designed to withstand high temperatures upon re-entry into the atmosphere.

According to Flights From SpaceX, the Starship SN20 will leave the atmosphere and re-enter its first orbit before attempting a smooth landing from the Hawaiian island of Kauai in the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, the super heavy rocket will attempt to land on the shores of Boca Sica, in the Gulf of Mexico. The flight is scheduled to last more than 90 minutes.

Future versions of the Super Heavy are expected to feature 33 Raptor engines, which together will contribute to a thrust of about 230,000 kilograms at sea level.

With its starship, SpaceX is searching Take cargo and people to the moon, Mars and other space missions. Each will be capable of carrying 100 tons and over 100 passengers at a time, the company said.

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