“Space Odyssey”, Mix Candle, and “The Chile Route” by Grupo Milenio

“2001: A Space Odyssey” is one of the greatest masterpieces of world cinema.

Do you know what it means to see this monument to cinema in the National Auditorium recorded by the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra in the framework of its 45th anniversary?

Believe me, it was something that touched the lives of more than 10,000 people who filled this place.

I have to say that because this kind of effort means a lot to the film community and to those of us who love cinema.

If Stanley Kubrick were alive, he would be the happiest because the authenticity of this film is indisputable and because the baton of director Brad Lubermann as well as the collaboration of the Coycatl Chorale touched our souls.

I congratulate the Ministry of Culture, the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra, the Government of Mexico City and the National Auditorium for organizing these performances.

This is exactly what should be done. And if you don’t believe me, ask those thousands of families who couldn’t stop applauding at the end, happy, ecstatic. I did well!


Muxes are an ancestral expression of transgender culture born in Oaxaca. Once a year, the Muxe come out at a party we know as Vela Muxe.

In Mexico City, many mox candles are made, but none like the Juchachi Mox candle, which on Saturday, August 9, celebrated 10 years of life with a celebration to crown the 2023 queen.

The king was the huge Johnny Carmona, and that event at the Tlatelolco Convention Center was unbelievable.

because? Because we live inclusion in its fullest form, because we honor one of our most sacred traditions and because declarations have been made that will change the history of this culture and the LGBT community.

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The most important concerns the fact that in May 2024 Vela Muxe Guchachi will be organized for the first time in San Francisco, California, with the support of large Latin institutions there.

Can you imagine the impact of this event in the United States? Can you imagine what would happen in one of the biggest gay capitals in the world? Congratulations!


Quique Cervantes is one of our greatest activists in Mexico for our food, our ingredients and our relationship with producers.

Moreover, he is an exceptional communicator, a friendly and courageous man who moves crowds.

That is why I am proud that El Gourmet chose her to present the huge program that honors our gastronomy in the month of the Fatherland: “The Chile Way”.

You never know what would be the most complete and enjoyable thing. It airs every Tuesday, like today, September 12, at 10:30pm (check your programming guide as there are previews and repeats) and is not to be missed.

because? Because it speaks about our chiles like never before and because both Quique and El Gourmet realize that now, with so much food content on so many social media networks, if something is going to premiere on TV, it has to be done better. A thousand times.

And they succeeded! In less than half an hour there are meals, drinks, recipes, connection to the countryside, restaurants and experiences. I recommend it with all my heart.

By Alvaro Cueva

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