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Almost seven months later, the qualifiers return to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. Let’s keep in mind that the fifth and sixth match days could not be played in March due to the Covit-19 crisis, which is why the date will now be resumed from June 7-8 in action.

This week we are counting the results, positions, scores and everything on FUTBOLRED, the competition that allocates the orbit junction revenue. As well as a calendar for each exam.

Postponement of Dates 5 and 6

First, it is important to talk in detail about what happened a few months ago. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, European teams, especially England and Germany, issued a large NO for the loan of their footballers.

At the time the seasons were by definition, clubs could not miss important players for almost a month (quartos, potential infections, etc.). Thus, Conmepol postponed the double day.

How is the calendar?

As mentioned above, the South American tournament returns this week. The seventh day will be held on Thursdays and Fridays with the following matches:

Thursday, June 3 (time in Colombia)

Bolivia vs Venezuela – 3 p.m.
Uruguay vs Paraguay – 5pm
Argentina vs Chile – 7pm
Pere vs Colombia – 9pm

Friday, June 4 (Time in Colombia)

Brazil vs Ecuador – 7:30 pm

After this series of matches, the teams will take action again next Tuesday. All in one order. How it is planned:

Tuesday, June 8 (Time in Colombia)

Ecuador Vs Pere – 4pm
Venezuela vs Uruguay – 5:30 p.m.
Colombia vs Argentina – 6 p.m.
Paraguay vs Brazil – 7:30 pm
Chile vs Bolivia – 8pm; 30 hours

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Table of levels

Headache begins for Colombia. After tragic defeats against Uruguay and Ecuador, Reynolds Ruda’s men have the task of straightening the road. For this, it is necessary to score at least four points in the next two duels.

It is classified with four games:

1. Brazil – 12 points (+10).
2. Argentina – 1st points (+4).
3. Ecuador – 9 points (+7).
4. Paraguay – 6 points (+1).
5. Uruguay – 6 points (0).
6. Chile – 4 points (0).
7. Colombia – 4 points (-5).
8. Venezuela – 3 points (-4).
9. Peru – 1 point (-6).
10. Bolivia 1 point (-7).

Marks and Assistants

In terms of score, the first box has a three-fold tie. Angel Romero (Paraguay), Luis Suarez (Uruguay) and Arturo Vidal (Chile) are also with four goals.

In terms of aids, back to first place three times. Alberto Espondola (Paraguay) and Ecuador’s Angel Mena and Moises Guiseto each have three goal passes.

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