Solar flares that can create a magnetic storm on Earth

A maximum class of solar flares can create a magnetic storm on Earth, According to experts.

There was a strong flame This Thursday on the surface of the sun, it was found on the side facing the earth.

The event peaked at 3:35 p.m., According to data from the U.S. Center for Space Meteorology; And the Solar Astronomy Laboratory of the Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Solar eruption: How does this magnetic storm occur?

It was temporarily known to be strong enough to cause one Radio Blackout, the sunniest part of the planet; Focusing on South America, the U.S. service refers.

It turned out that the eruption was accompanied by a coronal mass discharge, Which is the wave of charged particles; Depending on this, it may take days to reach the ground RT.

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These interact with the magnetic field of our planet; Capable of interfering with electrical and radio systems and causing heavy loads on labor auroras.

Sunlight Photo: Archive

Furthermore, the experts explained that explosions are classified according to the intensity of the X-rays. As A, B, C, M or X; A is weak and X is very strong.

The sun is still in its infancy New cycle Activity launched in December 2019, No. 25; Enough of each cycle It lasts about 11 years when the magnetic poles move.

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