Sofia Vergara Responds To Bad Bunny In New Song – Metro Puerto Rico

After mentioning in one of the new songs Poor rabbitactress Sofia Vergara He sent a message to the Puerto Rican mayor.

Through his Instagram, Sofia VergaraHe reacted to one of the lines Poor rabbit In the lesson “Monaco“, it says: “Sofia Vergara is beautiful, but she is beautiful in person.”

The actress wrote on the aforementioned social network: “Your bad bunny is beautiful 😘😘😘😘.”

Monaco” is an ode to Bad Bunny’s trap origins. The track combines sounds like cars roaring in the distance with the classic formula to create a chart-dominating trap anthem.

The Puerto Rican announced yesterday the start of ticket sales for his next tour after the album’s release “No one knows what will happen tomorrow.”

With a video posted on his Instagram featuring the cowboy theme of this new album, he previews the tour title. “Most Wanted Tour”.

The tour starts in February 2024 Salt Lake City May in Miami. The tour mostly focuses on cities America and does not include Puerto Rico for now. However, dates for next year are expected to be announced regularly.

Last year’s tour for Bad Bunny’s “Un Verano Sin T” album was one of the most profitable.

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