Sofia Vergara and her tough fight against thyroid cancer

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Sofia Vergara She is considered one of the most beautiful and talented Latin faces in the Spanish-speaking world. With an impeccable career, he won the public’s love over the years and the best critics who recognized his work.

Although everything seems bright now for the actress, host, model and mother, the road is not easy because When he turned 28 he had to get a grip on life Once the doctors told him I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

It was in August last year, when The beautiful Colombian was honest and talked about this terrible disease It nearly cost him his life. But luckily it was diagnosed on time and after months of treatment he was able to overcome it.

When you are young and hear the word cancer, your mind goes to many places, but I tried not to panic and decided to study myself. (…) I was lucky to find it early and to have the support of my doctors and, most importantly, the support of my family,” said the 49-year-old actress while participating in the organized “Stand Against Cancer” marathon. For “Saturday Night Live”, last year To raise funds to help cancer patients.

Sofia Vergara kept her cancer diagnosis a secret for years.
Photo: Instagram @sofiavergara

In that conversation, Sofia Vergara He stated that he decided to keep his health a secret Because it was not in his interest to profit from him or focus on criticism and speculation about his health.

“Having cancer is no fun. You don’t want to deal with anything else when you’re going through it.” He mentioned without elaborating in a 2011 interview with Health magazine.

To win this battle against cancer, Sofia Vergara had to undergo several radiation treatmentsAnd not enough as she needed surgery, which left an impressive scar on her neck that made her proud of herself more and more over the years.

Sofia Vergara showed off the scars of her battle against cancer

In February this year, “Modern Family” actress She shared a photo with her millions of followers in which she revealed her huge scar.

“I spent countless hours undergoing radiation therapy and eventually surgery. Today, I can call myself a cancer survivor.” He wrote below the picture. “Seeing the scar on my throat reminds me of how blessed I feel. That day, and every day”; he added.

Sofia Vergara showed off the scars of her battle against cancer
Photo: Instagram @sofiavergara?

Currently, the film and television star is undergoing ongoing treatment to control hypothyroidism.

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