Socialists denounce the lack of space and privacy in the various dependencies of the Virgen del Castillo


The Virgen del Castillo de Yecla Hospital suffers from a Lack of space in what used to be known as the rehab hall. Now this area has been converted into some boxes and some canopies as dividers to house the consultations Traumatology, allergy, EKG space, rehabilitation gym, day hospital and finally the space of the company responsible for providing oxygen at home.

from PSOE from both It is said that there is a small common waiting room where Agglomeration of patients suffering from various diseases such as tumorsor rehabilitation or trauma” in A Insufficient space with multiple noises and unsuitable weather conditions Patients catch a cold while they are receiving treatment.”

Distinctive health area

RehabilitationMaría José Gómez, Minister of Health of the PSOE in Yecla, explains that quality care is being offered again “not dignified” to the patients of the Fifth Health District, noting that at a structural level it is the most punished from the region“, Confirms.

This space is more than “not enough to carry out treatments” by professionals who do their work in the best possible way despite their inconvenient work area.

María José Gómez explains that due to the lack of space in the infrastructures they have, We find ourselves again with the “Violation of Patient Privacy” episodes.. Patients themselves can see each other receiving different types of treatment ranging from rehabilitation to cancer treatments, and see those separated by an inadequate curtain and lack of furniture such as a door in the electrical room.

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