Social organizations are asking to suspend the signing of the electricity contract

Social organizations, which have been participating for more than five years in the implementation of the contract for electricity within the framework of the Economic and Social Council (CES), have demanded that the activity called for this Thursday be suspended. Contract, because they were not summoned for such purposes.

They argue that the presidency of the Economic and Social Council must comply with Act 142-15 and respect its own institutional structure, and warned the country that the inauguration of representatives of the peasantry and trade union sectors is still ongoing at this time. Be accurate next Friday, one day after the call to sign the contract, so CES events have not been summoned or reported on the document that will be invited to sign this Thursday.

In that regard, they will seek the legal authorities of the country, claim their rights, declare that they will guarantee the procedures and procedures established in the document for the reform of the electricity sector and sign the electricity contract established by law. 1- 12.

“Democracy is strengthened when companies are respected, and trust in decision-makers is built on respect for institutions, the rule of law and democracy,” the document sent by the companies said.

They pointed out that the law establishes their contribution to the signing of the electricity contract and, therefore, by being summoned for such purposes, a violation of the Constitution occurs.

“We have received with surprise the information that the National Palace is spreading the call to sign the electricity contract at 11am tomorrow,” a statement said.

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They understand that signing an electricity contract must respect companies and laws and thus contribute to democracy and governance.

“We call for the suspension of tomorrow’s proceedings because it violates the procedures and procedures agreed upon in the document toward the reform of the power sector, which is illegal and irregular, and is still in force,” the document states.

They reaffirmed their commitment and willingness to agree to agreements that would allow them to reach the electricity contract in the shortest possible time, appreciating the inclusion of various sectors of society because it should guarantee the country’s leap in security and energy development, the growth of the economy, but above all, social equity, guaranteeing fair rates to consumers Will do.

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