Sivas fans are asking Tigers for improper alignment for this reason

The UANL Tigers managed to overcome an epic finale against Chivas del Guadalajara With a final and universal score of 3-2 in favor of the Royals, they secured their victory Eighth title From Liga Mx.

Like all finals, it’s always involved some Arbitration dispute. At this time, through social networks, fans of the holy herd are demanding Mexican Football Confederation (FMF) to investigate an allegation Incorrect alignment of tigers After discharge Midfielder’s, Sebastian Cordova.

What is a flagged invalid system?

Tigres’ starting line-up was as follows: Guzmán (Argentina), Garza (Mexico), Pizarro (Argentina), Reyes (Mexico), Aquino (Mexico)Carioca (Brazil), Vigan (Mexico), Lines (Mexico), Cordova (Mexico)Quinones (Colombia), Guignac (France).

Cat started the team game Six MexicansHowever, at the end of the first half, Tigres’ technical director Robert Dante Ciboldi said his First changes with income Fernando Coriaran (Uruguay) Vicon (Mexico) outThe same situation arises Nico Lopez (Uruguay) by Diego Lines (Mexico).

In the 63rd minute, after being down on the scoreboard, the Tigers stepped in and went on the attack. Nico Ibanez (Argentina) has sent off winger Garza (Mexico). Along with this, people from “U” maintained Three Mexican soldiers In rural areas.

This incident takes place at Minute 116After a tussle with Rojiblanco winger Jesus “Chapito” Sanchez, the Cat attacker fell to the ground and, thinking referee Cesar Ramos would whistle a free kick, Cordova took the ball with his hands to break up play. Signaled with a Second yellow card. With this move, only the Tigers will be left Two Mexican soldiers (Aquino and Reyes).

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What rule do they break from regulation?

Nothing, though Article 48 Among the owners, the regulation specifies that three Mexicans must permanently oversee the operation, and it reads as follows:

“Before the end of the game A FM player There is ousted, it shall not be treated as an invalid system. Unless otherwise specified in the following paragraphs of this Article, a maximum of eight NFM players shall not be allowed on the pitch”.

“During a meeting A FM player Suffers from an injury due to which he cannot continue on the field before the end of the match, And there is no change in the club it belongs toThat is, he has exhausted his options and/or possibilities for change, Misalignment is not consideredAs compliance with the provisions of this article is beyond their means”, refers to regulation.

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