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Singer The man who is known as the girlfriend of Anuel AA continues to speak. And Dominican has been selected as one of the most beautiful personalities of 2022. What caught my attention, however, was that the urban artist was also competing in that category with her boyfriend’s ex-partner Carol G.

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Yailin is very viral A few weeks ago, he surprised thousands of his fans when he unveiled his civil wedding Anuel A.A.As many media have reported.

The singers, who are now husband and wife, said ‘yes’ on June 10 at the official office of the Third District Central Electoral Board (JCE), located on Manuel Fernandez Marmol Street, on Manuel Fernandes Marmol Street, which extends from Santo Domingo to Luperon. , Dominican Republic.

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But that may not be the only fact that attracts the attention of a singer born in the Dominican Republic because she is known to be a part of the list50 of the 2022 most beautiful

It should be noted that according to the portal This year, “50 is so beautiful”Can be divided into four categories.

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The new confrontation between the very viral and Carol Zig

50 of the 2022 most beautifulRecommended for George Guillermo Dias Also Known As: Yalin The Most Viral Already Carol G.Precisely, the latter is the ex-girlfriend Anuel A.A..

That’s why these recommendations have piqued the interest of thousands of fans of both the Dominican and Colombian because they are in favor of supporting their favorite artist.

People According to my Espanol, Selip Yalin The Most Viral Nominated due to referendum and he is in the category “New dawn”.

Yailin The Most Viral and Anuel AA (Photo: Anuel AA / Instagram)

It should be noted that the singer belongs to that genre with the likes of Eugenio Derpes, Myrca Dellanos, Rafael Amaya, Olga Donon, Ana Brenda Contreras, Adamari Lopez, Christian Carabias.

However, who is nominated for this competition Carol G.. Ranked second in the category.The beauties of music”, Recordon singer Daddy Yankee also appears in the first place. Are in this category Becky G.Rosalia, J. Paulvin, et al.

Carol G is a famous Colombian singer (Photo: Carol G / Instagram)
Carol G is a famous Colombian singer (Photo: Carol G / Instagram)

What did the most viral Yalin say about his appointment?

Singer Yalin The Most Viral He thanked for this appointment through his social networks.

Thank God and Him and the public for choosing me. The affection they give me means everything. We are nothing without them. “Step Revealed .

Yailin La Más Viral and Anuel AA people en on spaol card (Photo: Anuel AA / Instagram)
Yailin La Más Viral and Anuel AA people en on spaol card (Photo: Anuel AA / Instagram)
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