Silvia Pinal reappears and gives Mexico City stage space

Glad to have a new theatrical space, this is how the actress looked Silvia Pinalwho was yesterday the godmother of the inauguration Versailles Theatrewhich is part of New Sylvia Pinal Theatre.

A few seconds before the ribbon was cut, the singer said, “A show is one of the best things life has given people, for people who just sit back to watch or sing, enjoy the wonderful moments we create for ourselves, and good luck.” to open this new space.

Miguel Briones, operator of the Versales Theatre, recalled that this space, once called Los Alcatraces, was a room where Sylvia Pinal used to receive her friends, but had been forgotten; He met her because he was there rehearsing a play and fell in love with the area, so he suggested the singer remake it.

Bernice Fregoso / El Universal.

“It’s such an honor, it’s a joy, and it’s amazing that our last female singer is over 90 years old and continues to give stage spaces to Mexico City,” said Miguel Briones, in charge of Operations Room B at New Silvia. The Pinal Theatre, which bears the name of Teatro Versalis as of today.

But the fact that he is in charge of this new space does not mean that Silvia Pinal is out of what is happening there and that the person in charge of the place wanted to make it clear.

Briones explained about this space, which has a capacity of 150 people.
During this show, Geraldine Bazin and Arleth Teran were in attendance, and would be part of the billboard at the venue with their “We Do It Better” monologue; Adrián Vázquez and Teté Espinoza will present “Wenses y Lala”, a work with which they have toured various forums in the city for nine years; And finally, Ruben Carvajal with the performance “A un orgasmo del divorcio”.

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Arleth Teran She expressed that this new space seems the best for presenting the “We do it better” monologue, as it provides the perfect privacy to talk about issues such as women’s rights, which are very important to protect.

Finally, Silvia Pinal expressed that in her days on stage, there was no place like this and confirmed that there will be a place in the Versalis Theater for adults and plays for children and young people.

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Plans for February 14th

After cutting the inaugural ribbon for her new space, Sylvia Pinal gave a few minutes of talk to talk a little about everything with the current media, even sharing what she’ll be doing on February 14.

“If I had a friend, I would give everything, but if I didn’t have one, I would scream and scream,” said Silvia Pinal with humor.

She also said that she is very healthy, but those around her do not allow her to do many things and she jokingly asks them to let her move more.

On the tour that her daughter Alejandra Guzmán will start with her colleague Fay, Silvia Pinal commented that she was not able to talk about it, but she knows that her daughter is very talented. On the so-called Queen of Hearts’ birthday, which is February 9, the actress explained that they had a trip planned to Huatulco.


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