Sigis fears for his life after blaming his uncles and grandparents: “If something happens to me, you know where it’s coming from”

Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter made controversial statements about her family during a concert in Los Angeles last weekend in which she criticized her uncles’ actions.

I am very disappointed in certain peopleWho they say they are, who say they love my mom, who would do anything for her and talk bad about my brothers, who want to take away from them or what my mom worked so many years to give us. ,” he said.

“His fans know very well that he says that everywhere She worked for children, “Not for her sister, not for her brother, not for her mother or father, she worked, for who? For her children,” he concluded as the audience applauded him.

From 2021, the singer and her four siblings They are separated from their uncles Juan and Rosie Rivera. Both worked in companies that protected their late mother’s legacy and fortune. His aunt Rosie was CEO and left amid allegations of mismanagement.

Sigis is afraid that something will happen to him

After what he said at his concert and the apparent rift it caused within Rivers, now Sigis fears his honesty.

“I feel it in my heart This should be written off…”, he wrote on X, formerly Twitter, this Wednesday, December 6 at noon.

Chiquis felt the need to express what she was afraid of.

debt: Chiquis/X

A minute later, the 38-year-old singer posted another message that scared many of her fans.

“I am I spoke only what came to my mindIn my view,” he said to begin.

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“But let me make it clear If something happens to me, you know where it’s coming from“He warned, revealing that he feared for his life and integrity.

This is the news that Chiquis expresses that he fears for his life.

debt: Chiquis/X

In another tweet, Chiquis made it clear that, despite being threatened, he would not give up: ” But I didn’t bend…because my God is more powerful!”

Sikkies issued this warning in a family dispute involving him.

debt: Chiquis/X

In the last publication in X, made on Wednesday night the 6th, he issued a warning.

“I tell you: That ‘poor attitude’ It will not get you anywhere good,” he wrote without specifying who he was addressing.

Chiquis also published this brochure, but did not make it clear who it was addressed to.

debt: Chiquis/X

The origin of the case between Chiquis and her uncles

In January 2022, Chiquis aired that he had been defrauded of 80 thousand dollars Alleged by someone close to one of his late mother’s companies and when his aunt Rosie Rivera was CEO. The place is now occupied by another daughter of Jenny Rivera, Jackie Rivera.

The singer claimed the role of his daughter-in-law, noting that it “had something to do with” the success of ‘Queen Bee’.

A few days later, Chiquis made his controversial statements at a Los Angeles concert.

Juan Rivera sends a strong warning to Chiquis: “A last warning about ‘Queen Bee’.”

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