Shivas was stuck on the road to Tolu when the truck broke down

Guadalajara Jalisco /

The Sivas They will come to TolucaBecause of the Guadalajara campus Stuck On the road due Fracture Truck Of the team.

After leaving the Mexican lands in the afternoon, The club announced the breakdown through a video It featured Alexis Vega, Jesús Angulo and Fernando Beltrán.

Sivahermanos, what a journey, here we standVega said. “We were stuck in the middle of nowhere,” Anglo added.

The Sivas board decided that the trip to Toluca would be by land Assume that Doing it by plane is complicated due to the logisticsSo this Friday they started the journey.

The photos had already arrived, National Guard They help us In the middle of the road, We send you a greeting, tomorrow with everythingVega added. “Bus the fucking,” Feltron said.

Guadalajara enters the Nemicio Tees Stadium this Sunday To play on the 13th day of Clausura 2022 against Toluca.

They were transferred to Tolu in 4 vans

The device could not be repaired immediately. Rosiblancos components were replaced in 4 vans Sprinter type towards Toluca.

Close circles promise They were an hour and a half away from the Mexican capitalThat is why they were taken in these units.

The fans watched the football players On the team and on the road They asked for a photo and signature.

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