Sherlyn’s baby was attacked by her pet! The dog bit the baby’s face!

Sherlyn, who He has touched his fans many times with pictures of his little son. He ended up confessing his secret to his fans from his Instagram stories last night.

“I went through Andre, what do you think, நெனிக்கு He bit his cheek, “he confirmed. He admitted his dog was alone and” not used to children. “After describing how he heals his son’s wound to avoid infections, he said: Be very serious with understanding that it is not possible La Nene, She was a little princess, ”she said as her son hugged her more.

She appreciated the advice she received, but said she would follow the letter to the advice of her pediatrician, whom she trusted one hundred percent. Andre’s face was covered with the bruises and injuries associated with his mother’s pet attack:

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Today the Mexican actress returned to her stories from the pediatrician waiting room, where she went with her son to examine her wound, along with her little cousin.

Last July, Andre celebrated his first year with a wonderful party organized by his mother. Such celebrities attended Geraldina Bajan With her daughters.

“I was delighted to celebrate my son’s first birthday in a very intimate and loving environment, with his close circle, where they could have fun and be the stars of the event,” the artist said.

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