Shenzhou-12 Typhoons Return to Earth After China’s Longest Space Flight (Video)


17 September 2021 20:47 GMT

The three Chinese tycoons sent into orbit to set up the space station were in space for three months.

Three Chinese Tycoons from the Shenzhou-12 spacecraft returned to Earth this Friday after a 90-day voyage, the longest-running Asian space station in Asia, set to launch next year at the Tiangang Space Station. Report Local media.

The landing of astronauts Nei Heisheng, Liu Booming and Tang Hongpo took place at 1:34 pm local time today in Dongfeng in the Mongolia Autonomous Province of northern China.

The Shenzhou-12 unmanned spacecraft was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on June 17 to carry out the installation work for the first Chinese space station, the process required eleven launches (this is the third), four of which were sent into orbit between 2021 and 2022.

A second drone mission is scheduled for October, and the next group of astronauts is expected to be in central Tianhe for six months. Prior to the Shenzhou-13 mission, China will send an automated cargo spacecraft Tianjo-3 to the station, which will carry supplies for the next crew.

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