She finds him stealing water from a neighbor’s water tank, and when she complains to him, he replies: “Are you going to die?”

User TikTok @monegro57 from the Dominican Republic shared a video where you can see an argument between two women as one steals water from the other’s water tank.

In the recording, the owner of a rooftop container discovers a hole made by a neighbor, inserts a hose, and empties the liquid into some drums on her patio.

He then confronts the thief, who replies cynically: “What happens is, I don’t have any water or anything, so there’s only one water tank here so I say: ‘Okay, I’m going to get some water.’ This is my first time doing it”.

The woman pleaded: “Give me some, nothing more. You’re not going to die. You stop going to work. I am here in my house. I use it when they go to work to fetch water, if you have a big tank what’s the problem if they take it”.

The owner of the water tank complained to him for not asking her permission, to which the neighbor replied: “But it’s okay, we’re neighbors and we have to get along with each other. Don’t take off my hose, I’ll finish filling my tanks.”

However, the owner of the water tank cut off the conduit, which made the thief angry: “Water is free. They already took my water, gentlemen! God, I steal as much as I can. I’m going to keep stealing them. Let me fill the tank, don’t be so mean to me. I am your neighbor. I’m just going to drag it out.”

He then threatened her: “I am going to draw water until you have that water tank, I am very sorry. I am going to stay with your water tank and when you leave it will be gone”.

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Finally, the owner wrestled the faucet from him, then explained to the camera that he had replaced his other water tank because he thought it was leaking: “Look, do you think this is fair? One or two water tanks, if I buy one it gets empty soon, but I never think that it is the neighbor who is taking my water”.

The publication produced comments such as “My God, there are people without dignity”, water is not denied, but you have to ask for it”, “the impudence of its maximum expression”, “the neighbor passes by. She thought there was too much faith”, “They steal your water, And they argue about it”.

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