She described the “weird” process of selecting waitresses at Hooters and revealed the large numbers she earned in tips.

Selena Silveira is a young American who is currently studying to be a nurse, but some time ago, before choosing her profession, He was a waitress at a Hooters restaurant.. Recently, She narrated her experience about the interview and later being selected Being part of the company’s staff surprised many. Detailed step by step selection process and described it as “strange”..

It was through a video on YouTube, which he later deleted, but it was picked up New York PostWhere He told his followers how he applied for a vacancy in the company Later became his employee. What caught his attention the most was the application process, which only took about ten minutes.

It started with the usual questions asked of an applicant when going for a job interview: “Why do you want to work here? What do you think you can bring to the job? How do you deal with a customer who is dissatisfied with a situation?” he recalled in his clip on the social network.

Selena Silveira says the process of getting into Hooters is similar to models for an agencyNew York Post

Then came the more “rare,” and he classified them as castings of specimens: “Then they took me outside and photographed my whole bodyat first I thought it was a little strange,” he insisted. Although he later admitted that they explained to him the reason they allegedly took the pictures: “When they wanted to decide who they were going to hire, they could remember what you looked like,” he said. Said. Added.

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YouTuber He emphasized that the restaurant chain is not looking for any type of employee, but to a group of highly dressed women to welcome guests. He translates it to mean that being an employee is essentially a model chosen to play a role within the establishment:

You have to choose what kind of people you want to hire. As with any other casting model. “Hooters, also known as directors, can choose what kind of models they want based on the look they want because it’s their business and it’s their brand,” he said.

Of course, he realized that the pay could be very good depending on the day. He typically earned between $100 and $500 a night in tips.

The nursing student also mentioned other activities and conditions that workers must fulfill if they do not want to cause problems with their managers. was among the highlights Always wear makeup and wear your hair down, along with not using hair dyes or wearing too bright nail colors. “Preparing for work involved many things, and it was because of the strict image policy,” he recalls.

Description on Hooters' jobs page
Description on Hooters’ jobs

According to the company’s website, They are looking for dedicated employees with a fun and feminine personality.: “Being a Hooters Girl is an honor bestowed only on women who are very entertaining, goal-oriented, sexy and glamorous. The Hooters Girls have that special gift of welcoming all guests. You get all kinds of opportunities, like being featured in Hooters’ annual swimsuit calendar. She’s an American icon around the world.” She is not a maid,” says the ad in its available vacancies section.

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