Shakira will be devastated as Gerard Piguet refuses at the last meeting.

Again Shakira Y Gerard PQ He held a new dialogue to define their future Sons Thus know with whom the children are most comfortable staying. A few days ago the footballer announced that he had broken up with his new girlfriend until he had the benefit of custody of Sasha and Milan. However, in this last encounter, Barcelona’s central defender would have given a clean slate Negative For Columbia’s offerings, who will find out destroyed According to Spanish media, for not reaching an agreement.

Despite this Shakira, she decided that she was not going to make it easy for her, because her children are everything to her, and from the beginning, the singer has maintained her decision to take them to live in Miami; The Colombian also offered a deal Gerard PQ In which he provided her with various things with this money to keep the children; But Kule the guardian gave him Negative.

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