Shakira sued Anuel for using her image without permission

Columbia will take legal action against the artist who used his image.

Shakira She continues thanks to her two songs released this year, where she collaborated with Bizzarab and Carol G, who made several references to her ex Gerard Pique.

In fact, he once again poked fun at the footballer on his song ‘TQG’ with Carole G, but Carole G has dropped more hints. Anuel bHis former partner.

With that in mind, the Puerto Rican singer didn’t hesitate to respond and took advantage of Shakira’s current echo, which he mentioned in his song ‘More Rich Nate Yesterday’, where a verse reads: “Throw me a DM for a fight. You ain’t Shakira and I ain’t Bigway”.

“En Casa con Telemundo” reported that after learning of her presence in the song, the Colombian was going to sue Anuel for unknowingly using her likeness and name to gain publicity, fame and fortune.

Neither party has confirmed this claim at the moment, but various media outlets claim that Shakira is very fit, as she opens up about her breakup with Anuel Piqué.

In the same way, Barranquilla was not worried about Anuel, as the Puerto Rican shared a publication with the phrase “Men don’t cry, men pay” in previous days, which was inspired by Shakira’s phrase in the session. 53 with biserape.

For its part, Telemundo promises that this will be Anuel’s marketing strategy, but it has not sought Shakira’s consent to it. After this, Anuel received a lot of criticism from various followers who accused him of “getting famous” because of Shakira and Carol G.

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