Shakira returns from “hell” after divorce from Gerard Pique and legal troubles in Spain: “I thought I wouldn't survive”

Two years after the most controversial period of his life, the artist will tour America. (Credit: Jesús Avilés/Infobae)

Shakira Emerging from the ashes of a tumultuous period in her life marked by divorce Gerard PQ, issues of tax fraud and suffocating media. In an interview Rolling StoneThe Colombian singer revealed the most intimate details of her recovery process.

The suffering I experienced was the greatest suffering I have experienced in my life. At times it stopped me from functioning as if someone had punched a hole in my chest. The feeling is very real. “I physically felt like I had that hole and people could see right through me.”

The artist has won many awards, including three Grammys and 14 Latin Grammys. (Credit: Joan Matthew Parra/AP)

In this “hell” Shakira took refuge in music. “My art, my visions, my music, I had a need to express myself by transferring all those pains, intense emotions, to a place outside of me,” he explained.

The result is a series of songs that reflect his pain and rage, including “Te felicito.” Rav Alejandro It was a smash hit, and “Monotonia,” a bachata ballad with Ozuna, catapulted him back to the top of the charts.

“Monotonia” was released in 2022 after her split from soccer player Gerard Piqué. (Credits: YouTube)

But the fame that saw him cower faded when a complicated legal case resurfaced in Spain, where prosecutors accused him of tax evasion of nearly USD 14.5 million euros. For months, the possibility of going to trial worried the artist, until he settled the conflict by agreeing to pay an additional 432 thousand euros to avoid a fine of 7.3 million US dollars and a prison sentence.

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“When it rains it pours. “It was crazy how many things I had to deal with at once.”He mentioned while recalling that period.

In 2022, Shakira's father, William Mebarak, was recently hospitalized with pneumonia after suffering a brain hemorrhage while dealing with her divorce. (Credit @shakira/Instagram)

But the real relief for the artist came after the release “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53″, in collaboration with Argentinian producer Bizarab. The song's lyrics shamelessly expose Piguet's infidelity with the young Clara Cia Marti, with phrases such as “You Ferrari for a Twingo” and “Good luck if you replace me”.

“You don't know how relieved I felt,” said the interpreter, letting out a big breath. “I remember my manager then saying to me, ‘Please change the lyrics.’ Of course, I tried to calculate the possible contingencies and risks, but I’m an artist, I’m a woman. And I am a wounded wolf. No one should tell me how to lick my wounds'”.

In 2023, Shakira collaborated with Argentinian producer Bizarrap. These lyrics have been widely interpreted as direct criticism of Piqué. (Credits: Bizzrap/YouTube)

Currently, Shakira has regained her spirit, which is reflected in her latest album Women don't cry anymore, his first studio album in seven years, which he will promote with a tour of the United States. His new independence is reflected in his love life as well.

Despite everything that has happened, Shakira has not lost hope in love, and in recent months she has been spotted with an F1 driver Lewis HamiltonBasketball player Jimmy Butler And actor Lucian Laviscount. “I like menHe said with a laugh. “That's the problem. I shouldn't like them for everything that happened to meBut imagine how much I love the men I still love.

The Colombian singer has two children with Pique, Milan and Sasha. (Credit: MTV/Instagram)

Although she is open to dating, formalizing a relationship is a very complex process that does not depend solely on her or her future partner: “I think my children should be very ready for it, their emotional and psychological well-being is a priority,” she assured.

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Currently, Shakira is focusing on her career and enjoying her time with her children. “I am much weaker than I thought. I was always so afraid of pain because I thought I wouldn't survive.”, he concluded.

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