Shakira responds to Bigu’s controversial comment about her parentage

(CNN Spanish) — “Proud to be Latin American.” With these four words, along with 21 emojis of regional flags, Shakira became a trend again this Monday, when her former partner Gerard Piqué made a controversial comment referring to the appearance of the Colombian.

A Twitch account streaming of GigantesKings League side Piqué, a former Spanish player and businessman, spoke at length about the habit of many to criticize others even if they don’t know them, and called for downplaying the harmful comments of third parties.

In the framework of the conversation about the matter, the Catalan mentioned the criticism he has received recently, referring to the last year, when his 12-year relationship with Colombia ended. And he began a phrase that quickly created controversy: “My ex-partner is Latin American. I mean, you don’t know what I got from her fans on social networks, but thousands of savages. I don’t care about anything, really, zero, zero, I have them. Because they don’t know, they, the known, exist, they don’t have life, they exist, what importance do you have? Give them, it’s zero. You will never know them in life, they are like robots,” he said. Then he added: If you give importance to every opinion or if you are a brush with someone, and suddenly they start criticizing you, if you give importance to this, you are dead.

The conversation continued on the matter with host Gerard Romero, and Bigway also mentioned the shooting Beef against other people. “It’s fashion,” said the businessman, but you have to keep in mind, “the effects it has on the mental level of the people you’re beefing with.” “What’s supposed to happen? Someone kills themselves after we’ve gone too far?” He criticized that. The former player reiterated that “everyone lives their own life” and “everyone decides what’s best for them”. Until this Tuesday morning, the The conversation has nearly 350,000 views on Gerard Romero’s official YouTube channel.

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After that broadcast, Shakira posted a text on Twitter that quickly went viral: “Proud to be Latin American.”

As of Tuesday morning, the post had nearly 900,000 “likes” and 100,000 retweets on Twitter.

Shakira has spoken openly about the end of her relationship with Pique, in interviews and on topics such as her famous collaboration with Argentinean Bizarap.

Shakira left Barcelona over the weekend

Shakira bid farewell to Barcelona at the weekend with a message of thanks to those who accompanied her during her long sojourn in the city she learned about, saying, “Friendship is without a doubt longer than love”.

“I settled in Barcelona to give stability to my children, now we are looking for another corner of the world next to family, friends and the sea”, Shakira wrote on her Instagram account this Sunday. “Today we begin a new chapter in your quest for happiness,” he added.

The Colombian singer, who will settle in Miami with her children, Milan and Sasha – both born in Barcelona – then continued with several lines: “Thank you to everyone who surfed many waves in the city of Barcelona with me. There I learned that friendship is undoubtedly longer than love. There you encouraged me, dried my tears. , thank you to everyone who inspired me and made me grow. Thank you to my Spanish viewers who have always covered me with love and loyalty.”

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