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The story of Shakira and PQ have a new episode of crosswords And they have become the talk of their followers in the world. BZRP Music Session #53 continues to top playlists around the world and the feud between the former partners turns more and more sour.

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After Shakira sang with Pisarap, the singer hit Gerard Pique with a series of messages that alarmed many of his followers. The former footballer got an equal chance.

He did it on the Twitch platform ‘streaming’, where he promotes the King’s League, in which he puts famous ‘streamers’ – those who broadcast live on different topics – and ex-footballers to play.

Between his jabs, Piqué wore a Casio watch and said: “So, Casio has given us these watches. We have reached an agreement with Casio, the Kings League has reached an agreement with Casio.

It’s about the part of the song where Shakira tells Biku about Clara Sia.

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Bigway said it would also sign a deal with Renault, the maker of the Twingo. “I’ve closed a deal with Renault, so on Sunday I’m going with a Twingo and next to me a clown. Can’t I just finish the individual contracts and come back as I want? said.

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Shakira hit back on social media

With the song’s success amassing over 15 million views on Spotify and over 90 million views on YouTube, the Barranquilla native celebrated the reception and didn’t miss the opportunity to throw new darts at Piqué.

“A catharsis and a relief for me, I never thought that at the age of 45 and in Spanish I would directly reach the top of the world”, Shakira said.

Columbian claimed the feat was hers alone, but she called her inspiration: “Women who stand up for what they feel and think, raise their hands when others raise their eyebrows and disagree.”

And he reflected, “Not as society dictates to us, but in the way that happens to us, helps us advance for our children, our parents, and those who need us and believe in us.”

In another post, Shakira said: “When life throws you bitter lemons, there’s no choice but to make lemonade.”

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