Shakira combs Gerard Pique in their last meeting

Ex-partner’s public appearance on fire!

Gerard Pique and Shakira appeared together, but didn’t rustle up their son’s baseball game, and everyone was commenting on the singer’s questionable gesture.

Shakira with her ex, Piqué (Photo by LOIC VENANCE/AFP) (Photo by LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images)

What gesture has Shakira made to her ex-boyfriend?

Telecinco show ‘Socialite’ aired a video of the amazing moment the Colombian singer scratched her eye in an unusual way.

Shakira was completely enjoying the game at the foot of the field, in the Pique stand, and at one point focused on the stand, the performer extended her middle finger and placed her hand in the shape of a comb, but, instead of holding it, she scratched.

But didn’t they make a pact and make peace?

If you look at the pictures, it looks like silence, nothing! The unexpected breakup between Shakira and Blaugrana Gerard Piqué was stormy from the start, and I’d say it continues.

If PK wasn’t as loyal to Shakira as rumored, it’s clear that seeing the face of someone who did so much harm to her again wouldn’t be in good taste for her.

Tense negotiations were always between the two lawyers, and it took weeks to reach a key agreement on the two’s priority, custody of their children. Shaggy and Gerard agree that they will move to Miami with their mother, for the sake of Milan and Sasha’s parents and children.

According to published reports, the father will accompany them 10 days a month, and during the holidays they can travel with the father to Barcelona. This is a great arrangement for the children because even though they lose their routine and friends here, they will continue to see their father as well as live with their mother.

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After reaching this important agreement, the waters may have calmed down between Shakira and PQ, but now, in her first public appearance They happen to be watching their children’s baseball game, and her gesture puts her in the spotlight.

Shakira had her dancing, cheering, shouting and celebrating goals and the game, while Gerard seemed to know more about his phone than anything else, of course, looking at the pictures. However, what the footballer doesn’t miss is what is thought to be his former comb-over, who is hiding and scratching his eye with his middle finger.

I don’t know if it’s actually a comb, but I understand that the tabloids are echoing it because the gesture isn’t very natural.Shakira doesn’t want to lose her temper in public when she sees her ex-boyfriend in the middle of a heated fight with Clara Xia, but it’s no wonder she can’t contain her desire. To plant that gesture all over his face.

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