Sergio Berni: “If there is one thing this political space has lost, it is cohesion”

Sergio Bernie attacked Alberto Fernandez again

Buenos Aires’ Minister of Security, Sergio Berni, has again targeted President Alberto Fernandez “for the damage done” to the Front de Todos, a political space he said he could not say is still a part of “because I don’t know what it represents.” In addition to internal skepticism and lack of coordination in political plans, he considered that the country’s main problem is not economic but political.

Days ago, Bernie accused the president of causing “irreversible damage” from the measures and economic plan he took at the national level. For this reason, he considered that he “defrauded” the electorate. And now the minister has returned for questioning by the Ministry of the Interior among the leaders of the front that rules the country. “If there is one thing this political space has lost, it is cohesion,” he said.

In an interview with TN, Sergio Berni referred to the fine paid by Alberto Fernandez for the party that was held in Olivos during the pandemic, and noted that “I was the most critical of what the president did for refusing to hold the party.” So consider it “The damage he has done to our political space has been profoundit hurts us all and it costs us a lot.” Indeed, he mentioned that in addition to discussing whether the 3 million pesos payment was correct, “it seems to me that the damage I did to the political space This was the beginning of all the controversy that arose.”.

From this situation, the minister considered that people began to lose credibility due to “fraud of the government.” Unlike previous Kirchner administrations, Bernie stated that “there was a diagonal model and unfortunately in this concoction that was made to win the election, it was unclear and lost its mark.” Faced with this reality, he was committed to staying away, saying: “I am not part of this government.”

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“Kirchenya have been weakened much more than those who formed this alliance with a single look, which was an electoral tactic look. They forgot that in addition to winning elections, they have to governSergio Berni reiterated, that despite the current scenario and given the upcoming elections, it was deemed not feasible to win macrismo in 2023.

Bernie defended managing Axel Kiselov (Mi Romero)
Bernie defended managing Axel Kiselov (Mi Romero)

For Buenos Aires’ Minister of Security, the country is not in “economic disaster” and “there are prospects of reaching growth with redistribution.” Despite the increasing rate of inflation, he emphasized that the mentioned problem is not the main problem of the government but the biggest “political” inconvenience.

“He is a president who feels socially democratic, and who feels closer to hippie culture than to the Twenty Peronist Truths.”Bernie asked. In addition, he noted, “Peronism turned to political marketing and moved away from the rules.” That is why the internal breakdown has weakened the political space and now “I cannot say that I am part of the front of everything because I do not know what it is”. “The front of everything has become something ethereal,” he said, and for example noted that “the head of the Judicial Party at the national level is the head of the nation and he thinks exactly the opposite of what the President of the Republic says. The Justice Party thinks of the province of Buenos Aires.” For this reason, he asserted, “If there is one thing this political space has lost, it is cohesion.”

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In this regard, Bernie wondered that the national government “cannot coordinate among themselves”, and despite its announcement of the decision to combat the rise in prices, “the government is losing due to the blows on inflation.”

Crimes in Buenos Aires Province

On the other hand, the Buenos Aires Minister recognized the problems in his area of ​​responsibility, although he highlighted the management that takes place in the government led by Axel Kiselov. “The security situation is complicated, we started with a province in an emergency situation and in a place no one wanted to go to,” the official warned, although he later stated that the statistics were favorable. “If we analyze the first quarter of 2019 and 2022, we have reduced murders, robberies and assaults by 30%. But it has a county that sees 200,000 attacks a month.”

In this context, he stressed that crimes in the governorate “are declining, but they cannot be reduced overnight.” He again alleged inconsistencies in coordination. He stressed that “with Aníbal Fernandez I can have the best feelings but if there is a decision not to send the gendarmerie, that is a problem for the national government.”

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