Sen said he was running for election college voting certificate. Howley announced

In a statement, Howley said he was compelled to draw attention to alleged election irregularities.

“At the very least, Congress should investigate allegations of voter fraud and take steps to protect the integrity of our elections. But Congress has so far failed to act,” Howley said.

Aaron Blake of Fix analyzes how the dynamic between Joe Biden, who was elected president in 2021, and Republicans in Congress can work. (The Washington Post)

Any member of the House, along with a member of the Senate, may run in the January 6 election vote. This challenge triggers a site discussion and then voting in every room.

Trump will inevitably lose those votes as Democrats control the House, and many Senate Republicans have publicly acknowledged Biden’s victory. Trump, including Mitt Romney (Utah), said it was dangerous to refuse to accept the election.

Even if Trump is unlikely to win in the Senate where Vice President Pence is in a tie-breaking vote if necessary, the challenge will still fail if the House votes.

However, several Republican members, led by President Moe Brooks (R-Ala) and those backed by the president, have said they plan to challenge the vote in the swing states, where they have made unsubstantiated allegations that they voted. By fraud.

Prior to Hawley’s announcement, incoming Republican senator Tommy Doverville, Alabama’s newly elected, said he was also considering signing.

Howley has been named the 2024 presidential candidate, and his move is sure to appeal to Trump supporters and some sections of the Republican base.

But other Republicans have argued that forcing their members to decide whether to trust Trump in voting is politically harmful, and seems to put an end to voter choice. McConnell advised against the move in a call with fellow Republicans earlier this month.

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Nevertheless, Trump has usually played a ceremonial milestone as a turning point in his quest to reverse the election results.

“On January 6, Washington D.C. Don’t miss it, ”Trump tweeted Sunday.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit filed Sunday against Pence by U.S. Representative Louis Gomert (R-Tex.) And several Republicans in Arizona is seeking to get a federal judge to extend Pedal’s power to extend Pence’s power.

Rosalind S. Helderman and Tom Hamburger contributed to this report.

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