SEDIF builds a DIFFERENT space in Villa Hidalgo

Cristina Rodríguez de Tello, honorary president of the State System for the Integral Development of the Family (SEDIF), delivered the Inclusive Park “Espacio DIFerente” number 17, located in the Sports Unit of the municipal seat of Villa Hidalgo.

The State Government, through SEDIF, has invested more than 16.4 million pesos in 24 DIFFERENT Spaces that seek to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities, but also achieve healthy coexistence between girls and boys with and without disabilities.

The head of SEDIF, Cristina Rodríguez de Tello, pointed out that this inclusive park will be a space for children and young people to have the joy of living together, playing and caring for it as a space that is their own.

“The intention is that the boys and girls of Villa Hidalgo have the opportunity to have a place that has good quality games, which allow them above all to learn to live with disabilities,” he added.

Accompanied by Mayor Juan Carlos Saucedo Sánchez, the President of SEDIF inaugurated this new DIFFERENT Space and assured that disability is part of the normality of the human being and should not be a reason for discrimination, on the contrary, she said, it is a reason for inclusion.

Hence the importance of girls and boys with and without disabilities forming a community and relating to each other, especially when playing.

Cristina Rodríguez de Tello also congratulated Laura Guadalupe García Nales, honorary president of the Villa Hidalgo Municipal DIF System, for having been one of the most persevering and hard-working in the entire state.

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The mayor, for his part, thanked the construction of this park in Villa Hidalgo, but above all, for the great support that the population of this municipality received during the current administration.

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