Second Trigger Checks: 200 1,200 Direct Payments may be re-scheduled

WASHINGTON (Nextstar) – The idea of ​​a second round of direct payments could be confusing, according to Politico’s Jack Sherman.

Sherman, One of the leading reporters on the Corona virus relief talks says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has softened his stance on the idea of ​​paying $ 1,200 to most Americans.

The idea for another check has been endorsed by President Donald Trump, President-elect Joe Biden and the Democratic leadership in Congress.

Sherman suggests that we are unlikely to find a compromise 8 908 billion bill Last week it was floated by lawmakers from both parties, but instead a new move was presented by a leadership led by McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

8 908 billion plan has no trigger checks.

Last week, Pelosi gave a positive assessment of the prospects for a medium-sized COVID-19 relief bill, sparking expectations of a successful outburst of legislative action to defuse several months of frustration over infection relief.

Pelosi told reporters that he and McConnell have agreed on a plan to reach an agreement on a major all-spending bill, which should include COVID-19 relief.

Pelosi said the finalization of the bipartisan road plan by a number of senators he approved as the basis for the relief bill was a good move, although it was a significant retreat from where Democrats stood before the election.

“It’s a good product,” Pelosi said. “This is not all we want.”

Pelosi dismissed a large set of floats by moderates in September as not enough, but said the arrival of vaccines and Biden’s success was a “game changer” to ensure additional help next year and eradicate the epidemic. He called the bill a bridge, “until the vaccine inauguration appears.”

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The pace of the economic recovery has slowed, with COVID-19 cassettes spinning and breaking the daily death toll record, a toxic statistic bomb that shows the mandate for a second-largest relief package after months of failed promises. It was a moment of optimism as Biden rallied behind the bipartisan move and the top Democrats in Congress began to back away from approving the $ 908 billion bipartisan structure as a way to forge a deal.

Some conservatives, including Republicans from North Dakota and Iowa, the COVID-19 hotspots, said they were comfortable with an aid package with a price tag of nearly $ 1 trillion. At a cost of $ 8,908 billion, several Republicans, including McConnell, have signaled that they are ready to accept GOP’s ambitions to maintain their unity this summer before they can be measured.

Measured, bipartisan action is the result of negotiations involving Republicans Susan Collins and R-Maine; With Democrats such as Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Mitt Romney, R-Utah, Joe Munchin of West Virginia and Dick Turbin of Illinois. Providing credibility for the road-to-road package is a well-intentioned “problem-solving” committee that promises to give both sides a vote.

McConnell said the sharp fall in democratic demands – from $ 2 trillion to less than $ 1 trillion – was “at least moving in the right direction.”

And Trump weighed in to support the idea. Obtaining his required signature is a high-stakes process, especially since any COVID-19 relief is likely to be included in a CAT bill.

“I think they’re getting very close, and I want that to happen,” Trump said.

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It is now at risk that at least some COVID-19 assistance will be provided rather than waiting for Biden to take office. Businesses, especially airlines, restaurants and healthcare providers, are clamoring for help as cassettes rotate and deaths increase. Money is needed to help states distribute vaccines, and supplemental epidemic unemployment assistance that provides unemployment benefits for extra weeks expires at the end of the month.

Biden now supports an additional help package that is as large as possible. An aid package created by moderates last week “may not be the answer, but it will be an immediate help to many things,” he said. He wants the relief bill to be passed by Congress now, with additional assistance to come next year.

The $ 8,908 billion operation will establish $ 300 a week in unemployment benefits, send $ 160 billion to help state and local governments, upgrade schools and universities, renew popular “salary protection” subsidies for businesses, and bail out transportation systems and airlines.

The new scheme includes a shield of responsibility for businesses and other companies that reopen their doors during epidemics. This is the first time Pelosi and Schumer have shown interest in considering the idea.

“There is speed,” Pelosi said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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