Sebastian Cordova’s barter for Uriel Antunna explores U.S. markets before fall

If the Uriel Antunna team is not reached in exchange for Sebastian Cordova, the United States is exploring the national and international markets.

Visit Uriel Antunna The United States seems to be getting further and further away, and in view of this situation, eagles have begun to explore the Mexican and foreign markets., To find another right-handed midfielder to complement the Azul Grema team for next season starting January 7, 2022.

The Eagles knew it was a fact of practice still playing Sivas Coapa will not land and the potential transfer for Sebastian Cordova has collapsed this time around, so they have started working on a new option for Santiago Solari.

Sources told ESPN that the American command analyzes the names of several South American soldiers and other Spanish soldiers. To choose the far right that Santiago Solari has been asking for the most since last summer.

azulcrema coach is waiting for his team formed when he returns from vacation in the last week of December and will be able to work with full frame from day one; In the azulcrema environment they have been working hard to close deals and there is no excuse for Solari to start the next match better.

Regarding the situation Sebastian Cordova, America’s position will not change and they will get a place on another team on the wheel emerging from the basic Azul cream forces.. The player knows he has no place in Santiago Solari’s plan, this time with Sivas and Tigers Will be interested in their services.

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Evidence confirms to ESPN that northern cats see Cordova as an interesting option, but nothing on the table yetWhile on the Guadalajara side, interest in maintaining the player is maintained, but it should be in a different function than the transmission for the antenna they already have covered.

Valdase, no date for medical examination

On the other hand, Chile Diego Valdes Although there is already an economic agreement between all parties, it has not yet been notified with the United States; Chilean agents are still fine-tuning some details with the club, and Andian is expected to undergo physical examinations next week to sign his affiliation with Azulgrimas.

Meanwhile, Americans are working out their last days before heading out for the year-end vacation., azulcremas will end with Nido de Coapa training this week, after which they will take a few days off to recharge their batteries and get ready for the next Clausura 2022.

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