Seats are vacant between Seattle and Angels

Anger boiled over when the benches were empty on Sunday afternoon during the final game of the series between the Mariners and the Angels. Players from both teams had to be separated several times.

The incident started just over the second inning when Jesse Winger hit on the pitch of Angels right-hander Andrew Wands. The night before, Mariners right-hander Eric Swanson attacked Mike Trout.

After receiving the pitch, the winger clearly became upset and began to take a few steps towards the pitch before being stopped by the referee. But the winger then entered the Angels’ dugout and at the same time said various things to his opponents, which provoked a fight, with players from both teams entering the field. Several players fell to the ground and could be seen gesturing to a group of fans at the winger stand even after both sides had split.

On the Seattle side, winger, manager Scott Service, Julio Rodriguez and JP Crawford were sacked, while Angels Wands, manager Phil Nevin, reliever Ryan Deborah and close to Cuba Rizal Iglesias were penalized. After about 20 minutes the action did not resume.

While the referees were talking about deciding who would be eliminated, the two players were scolding each other, especially Iglesias, who had to come back to the field and control.

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