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Municipality of Lima protects statues from possible damage by large crowds.

Lima has several endearing spaces with sculptural jewels. Luis Martín Bogdanovich, representative of the Municipality of Lima, commented to the Andina News Agency that, parallel to the enhancement of several historical places, several measures have been taken to protect this heritage.

The official, manager of Prolima, indicated that some sculpted pieces that adorn the public space even come from the time of the Viceroyalty.

The most striking example is that of the sink in the Plaza de Armas.

Others have a special meaning. The equestrian statue of Simón Bolívar in front of the Congress was inaugurated by Marshal Ramón Castilla on the anniversary of the Battle of Junín in 1859.

This president was part of the first Hussars of Junín in his youth and participated in the Battle of Ayacucho.

This monument to the Venezuelan liberator has been valued, showing its new face since yesterday.

But Bogdanovich adds that there are other pieces that have been protected since November last year to prevent them from being damaged.

Some of these are in the process of recovering their original splendor, others have received special treatment to prevent them from being vandalized.

Among the measures that have been taken is to protect the sculptures with plastic wrap or wood.

Another form of care is the use of fences to prevent them from getting too close to them.

The specialist indicated that they are taking all these precautions because it is required by law.

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He recalled that whoever damages a well considered cultural heritage of the Nation is exposed to receive a criminal sanction.

In that sense, he stated that part of the face of our city is made up of these pieces.

He recalled that each one was ordered to be done at an indicated moment in which the character represented had a particular significance.


Published: 7/19/2021

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