Science reveals what the age difference should be between you and your partner to avoid a breakup

the marital relations It is usually one of the most transcendent moments in the history of every human being, due to the mutual affection that usually exists between two people, taking into account various aspects such as chemistry and communication, but mainly love.

Much is said about a relationship or a love situation, and there are even statements condemning this type of emotional bond, such as the modal phrase “It’s not you, it’s me.” Or the traditional question what Whether age matters or not, Either by a younger person or an older person.

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Although there are couples who, from the beginning of their relationship, show great strength and chemistry between them, there are others who usually struggle throughout this stage, which puts the stability of the relationship at stake and the possibility of ending it greatly increases for one. for one reason or another.

Science does not fail, and on this occasion it was responsible for creation Study to determine whether age mattersreveal The ideal age difference that must exist between the spouses so that they do not separate.

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Age is a factor that many people take into consideration. When starting a relationship, whether it’s someone older or someone younger, although there are some who say that same-age couples are far more compatible than any other type of relationship.

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study conducted by Emory University Atlanta, USA, She revealed the ideal age difference that should exist in a romantic relationship, through a field study that guaranteed the correct answer so that the relationship does not end badly with the other person.

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After a study of 3 thousand people, the conclusions were unexpected because Those couples who have a one year difference between them have a 3% chance of breaking up. On the other hand, those with a 10-year difference have an average breakup rate of 39%.

Love relationships are usually long term with less age difference –

The answer is clear: And while the age between the spouses is greater, the possibility of separation is greater. In the same way, it was revealed that relationships with a smaller age difference tended to last longer due to factors such as belonging to the same generation and sharing different contexts of daily life.

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