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A six-year campaign of NASA flights over Greenland has ended with the demonstration that ocean water melts glaciers there at least as much as warm air.

Because ice loss from the Greenland Ice Sheet currently contributes more to global ocean rise than any other source, this finding revolutionizes scientists’ understanding of the pace of sea level rise in the coming decades.

Unique new measurements from the OMG (Oceans Melting Greenland) project have shed light on the likely progress of future ice loss in a place where glaciers are melting six to seven times faster today than just 25 years ago. If the entire Greenland ice sheet melted, global sea level would rise by about 7.4 meters, NASA reports.

In six years of operations, which culminated on December 31, OMG made the first scientific measurements along many kilometers of the most remote coastline in the northern hemisphere.

The mission conducted the most comprehensive study of the seafloor around the Greenland coast, including dozens of previously uncharted fjords (cliff-lined inlets clogged with icebergs from disintegrating glaciers), and measured how ocean temperatures changed from one location to another. , from year to year, and from top to bottom.

To obtain this unique data set, the mission’s aircraft logged enough air miles around and over Greenland to circle the globe more than 13 times.

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