Science answers one of humanity’s great questions: Are dogs left-handed?

The answer to this question is not simple at all, as it depends on several factors.

Science clarifies an existential question about dogs. unsplash

We live with them at home and appreciate them as much or more than most people. the dog breeds It grows over the centuries and Doubts about his behavior be resolved. Among them, you may have ever wondered if the dog he Right or left hand. the reply It’s not that simple sum it up In one sentence, so we’ll do that next.

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Yes, we can actually tell you that some dogs show preferences for using their left paws. Indeed, according to Information published in IFLScience Mediumwe know that knowing bliss preference can help us Know your emotional state. In your mind, the left side, which controls the right side of your body, is associated with positive emotions, while the right side is associated with negative emotions. a Study published in the American Psychological Association And he confirms that those dogs that tend to use the left hand paw are more pessimistic than the rest.

Similarly, it has also been shown that those Dogs that don’t have a tendency One leg is preferred. react Much more very noisy Thunderstorms or fireworks. dog Ambidextrouson the other hand, tend to be more aggressive, which might be interesting to know, especially in the case of training. But, are dogs left-handed or right-handed? Some studies They contend that the preferential use of one or both legs is something specific to each individual rather than the species itself.

fact, depending on the task That in front of them, dogs They act differently. If we are talking about using a game with prizes inside, then there is no noticeable difference between using legs. On the other hand, if we talk about the act of “giving paw”, then in this case the dogs show preferences to one of them, since it is a repetitive task. As with cats, it seems Gender partially determines your preferencewhere females choose their right leg and males their left.

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Actually, it is dog Just can’t Communicates Through the use of paws, rather Tabuk in which They wag their tails. It was noticed when he moved towards the leftthis is a sign of positive emotionsFor example, she would be happy when seeing her owner, while if she did so towards her rightis a symptom negative feelingsFor example, seeing an unknown dominant dog. Whichever method, we continue to learn more about their behavior every day.

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