Schumer, Tommy Fed Compromise on Offering: NPR

Sen. found in Capitol Hill in May. Pat Doomi, R.-Pa., Proposed to restrict the Federal Reserve’s ability to provide emergency loans.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

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Alex Wong / Getty Images

Sen. found in Capitol Hill in May. Pat Doomi, R.-Pa., Proposed to restrict the Federal Reserve’s ability to provide emergency loans.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

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Congress lawmakers say the $ 900 billion COVID relief package is a major obstacle in the way, and votes are expected soon on Sunday.

The latest position on a move that both parties claim is important to the American people is a GOP-Support Rule Pennsylvania sen. Under the leadership of Pat Doomi, the Federal Reserve will restrict its ability to provide certain emergency loans.

Democrats have pushed Tommy back, arguing that it will prevent future Treasury secretaries from resuming lending programs.

But lawmakers say they reached a compromise on the issue late Saturday.

According to a senior Democratic aide, the “language of compromise” was finalized Saturday evening after hours of talks between Doomi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, DNY.

The aide added: “The final agreement on the emergency relief package is considerably closer.”

Domi’s office said in a statement on Sunday that the “temporary agreement” was a “deserving victory for taxpayers” and that it would “protect the independence of the central bank and prevent Democrats from pursuing these plans for political and social policy purposes.”

The Democratic aide said, “Dumi has agreed to drop the broad language in his proposal, which will prevent the central bank leaders from establishing similar facilities in the future. [by the CARES Act] In March. ”

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As he leaves his office on Saturday night, Schumer predicts a referendum in both rooms on Sunday.

“If things continue on this path and nothing leads, we can vote tomorrow,” he said.

Sen of R.-Utah. Mitt Romney said Doomie’s proposal was a “big sticky point” in the talks and that it was “resolved” on Saturday.

“I think it’s over, it’s over before Christmas,” CNN reported Sunday morning. Union State.

ABC’s Sen. Mark Warner, D-Wah This week: “Big news: Congress is not going to be a crunch. We’re going to do this set.”

Romney also addressed the extent of direct payments to Americans, which was an earlier discussion in the negotiations.

“The check would be about $ 600 per person,” he said. “It helps, but I know people want it to be a big number.”

As Kelsey Snell of NPR Announced On Saturday, congressional leaders said they had resolved almost all sticky points, from resolving issues related to food stamps and disaster funding, to ending months-long battles over state and local finance and accountability reform.

The compromise came on Saturday as lawmakers chose the clock in a two-day stop-gap spending bill approved by Congress on Friday to try to end negotiations.

Schumer and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Guy, pledged to stay during the Christmas holidays if needed to get relief.

NPR Congress correspondent Claudia Chrysles contributed to the reporting.

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