Scarlett Camberos will be cut from the USA FemenilHalftime

Scarlet CambrosOne of the best soccer players in recent tournaments in the Women’s MX League and still part of the US team, Coapa is shaping up to be separated from the cadreBy Non-sports issues.

Attack, part of the national team, He decided to continue his career from Mexicook After being bullied From a fan, and file a complaint Against him, he fears for his safety.

Where’s the chocolate?

for now, Camperos resides with his family in Los Angeles, CaliforniaBecause at the core of him is the fear that the guy he pointed out to the authorities might retaliate.

And that’s accurate For warningThat Your agent is looking for a way to terminate the contract You are in practice with eaglesWithout permission or penalty to terminate it unilaterally.

Which team will Camberos continue his career with?

In the player’s orbit Mexican-American Angel will be the city of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), first They have been looking at it for a long timeThe club also followed her when they faced Tri Femenille last December.

However, pending the status of Cream’s command, You have to pay your token as a barrier to be releasedIt seems that this will not be in the plans of the American team Unity and sympathy are expected from the Aztec team Let her out without further ado, especially because of the seriousness of the case.

Why did you report it?

Scarlett Cambros was a victim of harassment From a boy He even hacked his social mediaPosing as his emotional partner.

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Because of the above and after reprimanding this person, An injunction was issued and Then A Arrest warrant for Jose Andres N.WHO should be arrestedHe will remain in custody for only 36 hours.

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