Santos vs Lyon (1-2): La Fierra wakes up and likes Liquila

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For the first time in the competition Guard 1 2021, The The lion He will be in qualified positions and after tonight he won a complex visit Saints of Dorothy, They beat a team 2-1 Fernando Navarro.

The team led by Nacho Ambris achieved their second win of the season Second in a row, he reached 14 units and was ninth, already ahead of Guerrero, Mazatlin and Pacquiao.

The game opened it up in La Laguna Angel mena at 24 ‘, thanks for the maximum fine per hand Felix Torres. Ecuador did not fail and turned emerald from 11 steps, he left home and won for the second time.

Six minutes later the locals equalized the score with one hand within the space Santiago was killed. Fernando Corrieran Was in charge of beating Rodolfo Kota Put it 1-1 in 32 minutes.

There was even a fight, and although Santos controlled the ball for several moments, it was the Esmeralds who had the clearest goal chances. Highlights two interventions of the goalkeeper, Carlos Acevedo A shot from Joel Campbell Also from a vector Devila.

However, With the genius of Fernando Navarro, Acevedo is no longer able, In the 58th minute, took an elegant and accurate shot from the cap, with which he placed the ball in the upper left corner of the lagoon frame.

Guillermo Almada He sent changes to the court to equalize the score, but nothing was affected. The lion He trained well on the DSM court and did not allow them to create too much risk, limiting the local attack to medium and long range shots.

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Federal arbitrator about compensation time Marked another maximum sentence in favor of Santos, But after a study Where, Whistler decided to reverse his decision, resulting in a 2-1 favor Fair.

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