Santiago Banos makes it clear that the relationship between the US and Atlas will not have an impact on Renato Ibra’s talks

There was speculation that a breakdown might occur between the leadership relations United States Y Atlas What happened in the fight between the two clubs last weekend was that it won the red-and-black cast as secretary, After the Mexican Football Movement ruled in his favor due to improper alignment of the Asulgrima box.

What is a product of this situation, before what happened, A question arose about the future Renato Ibra Borrowed atlas by the United States, Which will end at the end of June this year after two seasons of acting in Guadalajara.

Santiago Banos, Spoke exclusively with Marca Claro, Sports Manager, USA He also discussed some future negotiations with Ecuador about what would happen if they wanted to continue with the company and if it would be affected., Which was denied.

‚ÄúRenault is indebted to Ibra Atlas with a purchase option. If they want Renado to be a regular on the team, they have to use that option. This has been talked about before, there is a deal, and if they pay for the player “He explained.

In turn, he said it further “Whatever happens, if another group comes and wants to pay for it, they have every right, but there is a deal in it, and it will be there.”, Banos was convicted in this connection if the relationship between the two orders could keep thinking about the future of Ecuador somewhat distant.

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