Santa Fe Versus. Jr., in Ambato, to the Copa Libertadores

The illusion ended in frustration and disappointment. Not doing homework. Jr. failed to score a tragic goal and dropped Santa Fe, and was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores. He was only able to draw 0-0, not enough to beat River Plate in Group D Standing, which ended in a 3-1 defeat to the Bloomines at the Memorial Stadium in Buenos Aires.

A pleasant treat, a small treat, would have been enough to win the ‘sharks’ and advance to the round of 16, but Rojiplankos had no neurons and no testosterone to beat the worst competitor in the group and the next round around the ticket.

There is not enough inspiration and sweat to realize the good opportunity to progress in Libertadores.

It was difficult for the juniors to settle on the lawn of the Bellavista Stadium field in Ambato, Ecuador, where the ‘cardinals’ acted as premises due to public order issues and the epidemic controls in the country.

The grass was high and the desire to take possession of those led by Luis Amaranto Peria made it a little harder. Without the fluidity and clarity of the last seven games, but without great suffering in his portico, junior Leandro Castellanos was able to create danger in the goal, and crossed the crossbar twice on the way to the goal.

A free kick from Vieira and a shot from Fabian Vifara kissed the cross and drowned out Rojiblancos’ long-awaited cry.

Miguel Borja, in defensive reluctance from the ‘local’, was about to shout at first, but Alejandro Morales, in that order, cleared his throat.

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Santa Fe, who had already been completely eliminated and guaranteed the last place, gave nothing to the junior. He started with energy and pressure, trying to exploit Ambato’s 2,500-meter altitude, but his plan was not dangerous in the Sebastian Vieira area.

It’s the same gentle ‘Lion’ who wouldn’t even scratch a river without a natural goalkeeper. Their attitudes were controlled without great fear.

Junior, Fabian Sambueza was irregular and lost, but as he was seen in most campaigns he was able to create excellent scoring opportunities, which seemed to lead to a fall in no time.

However, in the second period, the illusion began to fade. The team showed their courage, determination and ambition. Maybe height had slowed his pace, but he wasn’t too rebellious to take Santa Fe forward and sign the classification.

Larry Vasquez had a clear goal preference, this time with Morles interrupting again to avoid celebration.

This is the only clear scoring opportunity for Peria’s students in the entire second half. Sambouza never appeared, Daniel Moreno stepped into his place, his presence unnoticed. Borja, Cetro, Hinestrosa go missing …

Jr. was blurry and would have lost if not for a temporary intervention from Vieira.

The minutes were off, the pain and saving was aimless and the emotion was gone. Both Colombian teams were eliminated. It was all frustrating.

Minute by minute

3. Rosero and Vieira are hesitant about a ball, punch too much in that area and George Luis Ramos, with a kind of salaka, gets almost scores.

15. Sebastian Vieira’s free kick hitting the crossbar.

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31. Sambusa sends a ball to the clouds, in the area Hinestrosa served him.

33. Center from the left of Hinestrosa, Alejandro Morales failed in his attempt, the ball is to Borja and the striker defines the bottom. The ball had a goal mark, but was almost recovered on the line by Morales.

38. Borja gets in the area, anticipates goalkeeper Leandro Castellanos and kicks the goal at an impossible angle. The ball shook the lateral nets.

44. Vifara’s shot from outside the crossbar.

For the second time

55. Morales saves a definition from Larry Vasquez after the omission of Castellanos.

60. Velasquez advances with the ball and shoots to the edge of the area. The ball is lost on the side of Veera’s left stick.

82. The collection of a still ball that Tita tries to cut, the ball bounces off him and sticks out of the stick without being able to push it with the forge.

89. Sebastian Vieira brilliantly saves a shot from Velasquez.

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