Sandy Gimenez and Mexicans in Europe, Exporters of Cruz Azul Mediotimpo

A decade Later, and with new leadershipBlue Cross put back a Academy player in European football; He finally did it that year 2012 with Xavier Aquino.

Today, in 2022Before Santiago Gimenez is the representation of a Basic Forces Project Re-initiates power with return intent Important in building skills at home.

Gimenez will migrate to Netherlands Play with him Feyenoord of the Eredivisie; The deal is 90 percent complete The right to a dutch box and For 10 cruzasulinos, It started from a small school in La Maquina, where the 22-year-olds would benefit from their future movements.

In January 2013, La Maquina made the sale official Javier Aquino to Villarreal, Spain -Santiago, who was in the second division, with the support of his father, began to show his talent. Christian “Chaco” GimenezImage of Cruz Azul (2010-2017).

John Francis Palencia This is an example of Cruz Azul’s export potential; Apprenticed under La Maquina, he made his professional debut that day December 23, 1994. Bago was with the team till 2001He was after a great performance in the Copa Libertadores de America Signed by Espanyol BarcelonaThere he played in 2002 and then returned to the cradle.

Former player Ricardo Osorio This is another example of those times when La Maquina exported talent; After the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the VfB Stuttgart paid 4 million euros to the Mexican club Play defense.

“I am happy. What a pity it took so long to remove the youth from that institution which I love so dearly! truly, 90 percent of the youth who come to the quarry have no moneyWe went to a club like Cruz Azul that didn’t charge me anything and suddenly they gave me food and a clubhouse. I love him coming back. It will be a great help to us who have not enough for shoes or food; It helped a lot.”

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to OsorioThe important thing for an export club is to “In the end, if four or five players are sold, you get what you give themI don’t know how much it cost me when I was young, what they gave me, but when they sold me to Germany they got back three or four times what they invested. That’s what I needLet them go to Europe, and let them be more and more every day. Still not enough. We were Pavel Barto (2006. From America to Stuttgart), Rafael Marquez (1999. Atlas du Monaco), a server, same Chicharito Hernandez (2010. Chivas to Manchester United). We were very few,” he recalled. Ricardo Osorio.

Departure of Javier Aquino

It was in the winter of the year 2012When to visit La Noria Xavier Aquino23 years, at Villarreal In the 2012–2013 season, Spain sought promotion to the first division.

“It’s a big club by all accounts. I am proud to be here to play. I didn’t hesitate because I believe a player should seek new challenges, these are what make you grow and become better. This challenge is really coolI want to promote Villarreal”, he said at the time Not hereWith the illusion of contributing to the club’s objectives.

Villarreal achieved the missionBut Javier Aquino is no longer a regular in the first division and in the summer of 2014 Sent to Rayo Vallecano; In 2015, Tigres was in charge of repatriating him to Mexico.

What happened to NÉstor ARAUJO?

Nestor Araujo He is one of the last players from Cruz Azul to play football in Europe.

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After Finals Final 2013 Against the US, the player sought fresh air Departed at Santos With a better level of football, he is rusting in 2018 Zelda VigoUntil he returns to Liga MX again, via America In this 2022.

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