Sandi Gimenez makes his Dutch debut after Feyenoord score a new goal at half-time

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Santiago Gimenez Little by little he adapted to the Dutch culture, but not until then As for the language, the mission does not seem to be going well Until now, he was evident in his interview at the end of the Europa League Round of 16 match between Feyenoord and Shakhtar (a 7-1 win).

Shanti spoke in Dutch

After that match, Santi, who scored a superb goal to open the scoring, was interviewed by ESPN based in the Netherlands and gave his experiences of the match. He was encouraged to show off his knowledge, which would put him up against the wall.

After being questioned in English, Bebot was asked what his knowledge of the country’s language was, to which he admitted up to now. “It’s not very good, I try, but it’s too complicated”But despite this he showed what he knew.

Feyenoord won 7-0?

The reporter asked him to say a few words, and they were heard “You” (not in Spanish) And from there noted the numbers 1 to 10 clearlyBut when asked to tell the marker, the trap immediately came.

“7-0?”He asked, though he immediately corrected it It was 7-1“See you later,” before saying goodbye in Spanish, leading him to let out a nervous laugh.

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