San Sebastian University announces an exhibition for SMEs in the Science Tent

In U San Sebastian, the presentation of the “Expo Pyme Digital Los Ríos” was presented, which will take place on the 18th and 19th of August in the Science Tent of the Center for Scientific Studies (CECs). The initiative to be developed under the umbrella of the program “Network of Digital Assistance Strengthens SME Los Ríos de Corfo”, implemented by the higher education institution in cooperation with Telsur.

“Expo Pyme Digital Los Ríos” will be a face-to-face event aimed at SMEs and SMEs, which will allow them to connect with the world of digitalization and technology, through live capacity building spaces with talks, discussions and expert panels.

As indicated by Mariela Barrientos, Program Director of FPyme Los Ríos, the event will be designed with the participation of 20 exhibitors who are part of the network with an expected influx of about 300 companies.

“It is addressed to all SMEs, small and medium enterprises in the region who want to know and learn about this world of digitization, as our motto says: Discover a new world in the field of digitization. They will be able to access a complete training network, chat boards, and also be able to Implementation of chain trade with digital and technology solution providers.

Meanwhile, Kurt Young, SME Ecosystem Project Manager at Telsur, commented that he understands the pain and frustrations of SMEs.

“We strive to be able to offer them all the support we can give them from innovation, technology and digital transformation. For this reason, we invite you to participate in this very beautiful project, in order to increase your value and your competitiveness in this world that has been accelerated by Covid-19.”

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From USS they highlighted that it also allows for innovation in the process of training students involved in industrial civil and commercial engineering, and that the fair will be a learning space for 100 middle and higher education students.

“There is an alliance between the public and private sectors, where the academy is appropriate and our young people can be a contribution, and who receive compensation in the sense that before graduation they learn about the world of work,” said Maria Angelica Hildebrandt, USS. Vice Chancellor Valdivia.

“For our organization, it is very important to address the challenges we face in the territory, especially in terms of the company’s competitiveness and productivity,” said Eloísa Vargas, Director of Linkage with the Environment (VcM) USS Valdivia.

production processes

Improving productivity levels, competitiveness and sales are the main goals of the digital assistance network “Fortalece Pyme”, a free program in which 140 small and medium-sized enterprises have entered.

To access the services, SMEs must be based in Los Rios and have sales between 2,400 UF and 100,000 UF in 2021 or within the last twelve months before entering the program.

Those interested can register by following the instructions on the website: Similarly, you can contact us by writing to: [email protected]

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