Samsung will finally add the much awaited change to its mobile phones

Samsung is finally considering the possibility of introducing a vertical application drawer in the next version of its skin for Android.

A UI 6 on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

A UI is now available. The new Samsung Skin brings a nice list of new features and is already used on both modern and older terminals. She has only been with us for a very short time and yet everything about her seems to be news of the past. However, it seems like a trend that repeats anything these days.

Why do we say this? because, We can read on SAMMobileThey already appear First Information Details of a UI 7 If true, it would bring one of the most user-requested changes to Samsung's personalization layer in recent history. It will be time.

Vertical app drawer, finally on Samsung

According to the media, This will be in the next version of One UI Aside from the tradition Samsung has been using since the TouchWiz era, the user has the option to use the vertical layout of the app drawer. Let's remember that the most common thing nowadays, in most cases, is the vertical arrangement of the utility box.

It is worth remembering that this vertical option Got it by Good Luck, the Koreans' proprietary app to customize a UI like crazy. There was a block that Home is up In this it was enabled, but it was recently removed without much fanfare and without apparent explanation. We now know that a UI will have this option enabled, so the module is no longer needed.

However, it needs to be clarified Phones on One UI 6 won't get it; Samsung has no plans to port the feature to older software. The functionality can now be implemented in the first beta of One UI 7, which will be ready a few months after this year's Google I/O.

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