Samsung has banned stolen TVs from warehouses after massive looting

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After the logistics center for Samsung It was looted in July, the tech company decided to ban the functionality of the stolen TVs, and for that reason, not everyone who kept any of the devices would be able to use them.

Samsung South Africa He clarified in a statement that it has been activated TV block On all looted TVs in the distribution center. This is a function that smart TVs of this brand provide and allows to block it remotely.

TV Block is activated if the TV is activated illegally. In a statement, the brand said the goal was to “reduce the creation of secondary markets associated with the sale of illegal goods.”

How does TV Block work?

brand tvs, who also had disagreements with her managersThey must be connected to the internet to work. To do that, Serial number detected from Samsung Play Center And if one of those loot is in South Africa, all jobs will be disabled. If the TV is accidentally blocked, it can be unlocked by sending the purchase receipt to technical support.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart TVs

Thanks to the fact that smart TVs keep getting better year after year and they work with an internet connection. Thanks to this, live streaming and TV apps have exploded. This also allows the device to be operated remotely from anywhere in the world.

However, it also allows manufacturers to gain more advantage when it comes to selling TVs. As Xataca explains, this makes it even easier to sell ads.

Android TV for example displays ads on the home screen, and some TVs xiaomi Also for a while. Brands like Physio They have turned it straight into a mainstay of their income, and they earn from advertising what they earn from selling televisions.”

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