Samsung ads include ad space on the home screen

Samsung Ads is adding a new ad format to its offering, while optimizing the home screen of Smart TVs to help users choose content to watch.

Known as First Screen Masthead, this ad is a new high-impact ad unit designed to aid discovery and facilitate recommendations, as well as increase ad engagement.

Masthead ad FS is Visible at the top of the screen by default and does not require users to use the home screen browserwhere they usually choose the most recently viewed apps or offers.

This format is only available for media and entertainment brands that are already part of the Smart TV experience on Samsung TVs. It allows you to reach viewers at the same time as the TV is turned on.

“This compelling premium placement is a high-impact opportunity for advertisers to reach viewers in an authentic environment, at the very first moment they are searching for content to watch: the moment the TV is on,” he explained. Alex holevice president Samsung Ads Europewho added that in an ecosystem as saturated as the TV system, users need tools to help them with their search experience.

Advertisers may use Samsung Ads private data, The Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)to target viewers’ interests, personalize their experience and ensure that the audience reached is relevant to any ad campaign.

Samsung FS Masthead Announcement Completed by the title of the launch announcement (pictured above) Where the user can switch to start playing the Masthead video automatically. The APV starts with the audio when the focus is on that accompanying logo, with the video reverting to the default image at the end.

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