Salma Hayek shows off her weird way of eating shrimp

Wherever she is, Salma Hayek has her Mexican roots well established and one of the ways the actress has found to rekindle her love for Mexico is through gastronomy.

Especially when he’s in his home country, the actress enjoys the foods she grew up with and the original way they’re prepared, like the shrimp she tasted on a recent visit to Veracruz.

Along with lemon juice, the actress showed her strange way of eating shrimp in her land, as she revealed that the crustacean is eaten whole.

“In my home country of Veracruz, they teach us not to waste any part of the shrimp, so we eat the heads as well,” the international star admitted.

In the picture she posted, Salma Hayek is holding a shrimp in her hands and sucking on the inside of her head.

As usual, the actress was served a glass of ice cold beer with her dish.

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Recently, Salma Hayek celebrated reaching 25 million followers on Instagram by posting a daring video in which she was seen exercising in a pool.

Even at the age of 56, the actress has shown off her natural side, proudly showing off the wrinkles on her face and the gray hair already appearing in her hair.

Now the actress has returned to her native state of Veracruz, where she grew up in the early years of her life before moving to Mexico City.

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