Russia condemns Ukrainian missile attack by UK |

The Russian Defense Ministry has condemned an attack by UK-supplied Storm Shadow air-to-air missiles by Ukrainian forces in Luhansk, less than 24 hours after the Russian government confirmed the UK’s decision to supply the Ukrainian military with long-range missiles. An “extremely hostile” operation and evidence of London’s participation in the conflict.

According to Russian military spokesman General Igor Konashenko, the attack took place last Friday at 6:30 pm Moscow time. “Ukrainian Air Force fighter jets launched a missile attack on the Polipak polymer production company and the Milam meat processing plant in the city of Lugansk, which is in eastern Ukraine and under Russian control.

Konashenkov condemned the attack, which “contradicts statements from London that these weapons will not be used against civilian targets” before the attack, in which a Ukrainian Su-24 fighter jet and a MiG-29 were shot down. The fighter who took him takes Interfax.

The UK government announced on Thursday that it is sending cruise missiles to Ukraine, capable of hitting targets up to 250 kilometers away, to help Ukrainian forces deal with “Russian brutality”.

Now Russian officials have warned that they “reserve the right to take additional measures necessary to neutralize any threats that may arise” from the use of British long-range missiles by the Ukrainian armed forces.

“All responsibility for the consequences of London’s destructive activity rests entirely with the authors and perpetrators of this reckless act,” the Russian diplomatic portfolio ruled on Friday.

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